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The most complete course about environment creation in Houdini.

Have you ever followed a Houdini tutorial and it all made sense, until a day later you are trying to create something else and you feel completely lost? This is a common issue my students used to complain about before attending my courses. We don't create copy machines, we teach. We want you to understand the real concepts behind each decision we make throughout the process of creating an environment. And it is not only about creating it. It is also about scene management, so we can create huge, complex environments with efficiency and control.

Welcome to The Faroe Islands and The Waterfall Course! My name is Diogo Guerreiro and I’m going to be your instructor in this course. The FIWAT is the result of many years of planning, testing, and refining a specific methodology that simplifies the learning process and gives you the instruments to leverage the full potential of Houdini!


The purpose of this course is very straightforward: to provide artists with practical knowledge, so they can access and understand all tools related to environment creation and fluid simulations inside Houdini, so they will be free to translate their ideas into real, high standard projects.

How is the FIWAT different?
You'll learn many tools that will help you
create the most diverse high-end Environments.
FIWAT is a very special course. There is nothing available to this date as complete and deep into environment creation in Houdini. 17+ hours of valuable content, lots of techniques that were developed by us, and you just won't find it out there.

We created this course following what we believe is the best way to learn Houdini. It is all about solving problems and understanding the concepts behind the tools we have available. We didn't just create a scene for you to copy the parameters. We want you to fly solo after this. We spent a lot of time optimizing our course so you don't waste yours. Every recorded minute is valuable information. When we do a repetitive task, we choose different methods every time so you learn more ways of accomplishing tasks in Houdini. Also, we choose themes that will add a lot to your demo reel.
We create our courses with an obsession for quality and with purpose, so you will learn how to become a better CG artist while having fun.

The Course
What exactly is in this course?
This is the most complete and high-end environment course for Houdini available. After this, there is no environment creation that you won't be able to accomplish.
The course is compiled of 81 classes divided into 12 modules. Each class goes from 10 to 20 min average with a total of more than 17 hours of premium content.
Is it for me?
“Is this course right for me?”
The Faroe Islands and The Waterfall course has been designed to give you the tools, the structure, and the methodology to develop and create your own complex environment, combining different simulations, a lot of custom tools to optimize your scene and creativity will be your only limit. However, you'll have to put in the time and work to see the results.


  • Basic understanding of Houdini

  • Basic understanding of Redshift

Here is what you get when you join the FIWAT:
  • Lifetime Access!

  • 17+ Hours of course

  • 12 Modules

  • All course updates are free

  • All project files

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